Final V1 binaries on MSDN

Just wanted to make sure everyone saw the fact that availability of our final V1 bits are now available! See Gert's post for more details. I do want to emphasize the following sentence in Gert's post:

"The full product download on MSDN is a full image only, so 2.9 GB or so, if you already own Visual Studio Team Suite, you can simply download the trial SKU (which is only 20MB) and install this on top of your Team Suite instance. The installer will detect that you have a full license instead of a trial license and do the right thing."

The only addition to this is that if you do only download the 20MB trial image, that will *not* include the latest documentation. And again, the 20MB download requires that you either have Visual Studio Team Suite already installed, or the trial edition of Suite already installed.

You can get the latest DBPro V1 documentation here: For further details of what's in that documentation, please see Steven Powell's forum post about those docs here.

Also, I should add, that the November continuous publishing update of the docs will go live around Dec. 15th.