Latest Videos and Info on VS11 Visualization Tooling

Wanted to make you folks aware of a few new videos that have been recently made showing the latest capabilities in the recently released beta for Visual Studio.

I just recently recorded a ~30 minute piece on the Visual Studio Toolbox site. Consider this video a refresher of the bits ( for those who weren’t familiar with the VS2010 capabilities ), as well as a quick summary of some of the latest features we’ve enabled.

For more in depth video, be sure to check out Chris Lovett’s recent video, which is much more comprehensive.

One of the more significant pieces of technology that we have created in support of the new Visualization and Dependency work in VS11 is known as the “Code Index”. Essentially, a LocalDB database where we house all the information of the assemblies you are trying to understand. Take a look at Jean-Marc’s recent post about the Code Index, and the SDK made available in the Visualization and Modeling SDK.