Nov. 30th is the Date!

This has been a fantastic day! Today at the SQL PASS conference, we publicly announced our RTM ( Release To Manufacturing ) date, and have announced additional content to the MSF Agile and MSF CMMI process guidance templates. CA also announced an integration with it AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler product with DBPro, which is also great stuff for you data modelers out there!

I ran around the conference center today meeting with press folks, analysts, but most importantly, our customers! I also gave a talk in the afternoon, essentially giving a product overview. Went great ( except for the slowness of the slide show due to the recording software being used! ). Standing room only, and in fact, have been asked to repeat the talk this Friday. I unfortunately will not be available, but Gert Drapers was kind enough to stand in for me.

I'll tell ya, the amount of support from the community has been outstanding! I can't tell you how great it is to have folks who have been using your product tell us how much of an impact it has had on their business already, and we haven't even shipped! Finished up the day with a party celebrating the announce at the Science Fiction museum in downtown Seattle with much of the product unit participating, and loads of friends and supporters. A day like today is what it is all about!

For those of you at the PASS conference, be sure to check out the two talks that Gert is giving tomorrow ( AD-312M & AD-313M ), and a talk at 5:00 PST by Ted Malone on test driven development for database development ( AD-402 ). Turns out, Ted and his organization have been using DBPro for some time now, and will be showing how he has been able to leverage Agile techniques and DBPro in his organization. Fantastic stuff!