TechEd 2009

It's that time of the year again, and once again, we find ourselves filling the Los Angeles convention center with over 7000 people, all there to hear about all the technologies Microsoft is bringing to bear to help IT get their jobs done easier / faster / more accurately. Check out the TechEd site for more details.

Monday was the first day of the convention, and I presented one of two talks and did a video interview with Dr. Zhiming Xue.

I presented a "Lap Around VSTS Architecture 2010 Edition" ( ARC201 ), where I went through all the new capabilities of the product that you can expect to see in this upcoming release.

The video interview can be found here. It's a quick little interview talking about the Architecture Edition in 2010, and the problems we're trying to solve with it and the rest of Team System. 13 minutes long, so enjoy.

This Wednesday I'll be giving one more talk. In that presentation ( DTL333 ) I'll be talking about all the new capabilities the team has poured into the DSL Toolkit that will be available in the VS 2010 SDK.

If you're here at TechEd, please drop by one of my talks, or the booth in the main hall. Would love to chat!