Visual Studio 2010 Visualization and Modeling SDK RC

At the same time that the RC build for Visual Studio is going live for our broader based customers ( and not just MSDN subscribers ), our team has made available the VS2010 Visualization and Modeling SDK! This is the rebranded DSL SDK that contains some extra headers designed to make customizing all the menu items and diagram surface context menus and toolbars  for the new Visualization and modeling features now in VS 2010.

So to be clear, everything you know and love about the DSL SDK is still there, we’ve just added a couple more things to it, and will add even more by the time we hit RTM ( such as templates that jump-start the customization process for our UML diagrams ).

In addition, there is a landing page on the VS Code Gallery that is also designed to provide you more details about this SDK. You can find that here.

You can grab the new SDK from here.

You will need to install the VS 2010 SDK RC before you can install the VMSDK. You can get those bits here.

[UPDATED] Oh, and for folks who are not MSDN subscribers, grab the VS2010 RC bits here.