What 3rd party databases do you need DBPro support for?

In the first release of our product, weconsciously targeted SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 as database backends that the product would directly support. We knew that many of our soon-to-be customers had more than just SQL Server deployed in their data centers, but we had to focus and make sure we nailed SQL Server support. This was a great decision for us, as it allowed us to really establish our vision for supporting the database development lifecycle via the features found in our solution.

But now we want to expand our support to 3rd party databases. We want to be able to allow you as the user to create database projects that represent the various RDBMS's you are currently using and running your businesses on, even if that means you aren't using SQL Server! So the question we want to know is: What database backends do you need support for?

Brian Keller has put together a short survey ( 5-10 minutes max! ) that will help us understand your response to this question. Please go here and take that survey! Please feel free to forward that survey to friends, even if they currently aren't using DBPro but wish to in the future.

Thanks again for your feedback!