2 Special Offers for ISV's Developing on SQL Server 2005

Accelerate your time to market with these special offers!

If you are a Canadian ISV developing your application on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005, we want to help you build and test your application so you can get to market quicker.

10 Hours of BetaOne Advisory Services

To help you build your application on SQL Server 2005, we are offering 10 hours of BetaOne Advisory Services – Free!
BetaOne is designed to help Microsoft’s ISVs with the necessary technical support. Each participating ISV is provided a set of BetaOne service hours to be used as needed.

ISVs benefit from BetaOne through:  

  • Technical support services
  • Design review services
  • Architectural guidance services
  • Targeted services for each beta to familiarize developers with key enhancements
  • Custom sample code development services specific to developer’s applications
  • Consistent experience across different beta programs
  • Developer super-user can create sub-accounts for each team member

This offer expires on February 28th, 2006
To register for your 10 hours of BetaOne Advisory Services, please click https://cpmsftibpro01.dns.microsoft.com/RegSysProfileCenter/wizard.aspx?wizid=0189ea2d-0730-4af8-9803-bb628afefc8f&lcid=4105

Test Your Application
To get your application tested, take the SQL Server 2005 Platform Test (an $800 US value) – Free to the first 100 ISV’s that qualify.

Testing your software is a step toward qualifying your company to join the ISV/Software Solutions Competency as a Certified Partner or Gold Certified Partner.  The successful completion of the two components of the platform test gives you 20 points towards the ISV/Software Solutions Competency.

All submissions must meet the following requirements:

  • Application must be built using SQL Server 2005
  • This must be the first submission for testing your application on SQL Server 2005. Applications that have previously failed the SQL Server 2005 Platform test are not eligible for this offer.
  • One application test per ISV
  • ISV must be a member of the Microsoft Partner Program in Canada
  • Applications are on a first come, first serve basis

To register for the SQL Server 2005 Platform Test, please click https://cpmsftibpro01.dns.microsoft.com/RegSysProfileCenter/wizard.aspx?wizid=46881448-3036-44ce-afd5-1a58c6d985ee&lcid=4105

Submissions for testing must be completed by June 30th, 2006