How would you like a DoubleDouble ?

imageThis time of year everyone is rushing to get things done both work and in their home life. As you rush to the get ready for the holidays – you might also be like a lot of IT folks who relish the time in-between December 25th and new years eve.  This slower / quieter time at work could open up an opportunity – a brief window of time - where you can try some things out before the new year. 

(I personally loved this break when I worked as an IT admin – I literally had the run of the office and time to try out new things.)

If you are in this situation and are looking for something to try out and expand your skill base to make you into a Hero at work – might I suggest checking out our System Center 2012 product line?  It’s currently in Pre-Release RC mode (Release Candidate) that will be upgradeable to Full product when it goes RTM in the new year.   Management solutions like our System Center release of products put you in the drivers seat of your datacenter. 

  • Need to manage the plethora of new devices coming into your office after the workers return with shiny new tablets, slates, iWhateversSystem Center Configuration Manager 2012 has you covered for those Consumerization of IT woes.
  • Backups slowing you down? Need something more effective then tape, in multiple geographic locations? System Center Data Protection Manager has you covered.
  • Want some down and dirty consultant-in-a-box performance monitoring and optimization across all your datacenter and non Microsoft devices like routers, switches and mystery distributions? System Center Operations Manager 2012 has your back
  • Grappling with your physical AND virtual worlds with multiple hypervisors? Living in the land of VMware, Citrix and Hyper-V? System Center Virtual Machine Manager simplifies your virtualization woes and gives you a silver lining to your Private Cloud.

If this isn’t enough to get you interested in getting the jump on your skills adjustment and checking out our latest offerings before they RTM (I mentioned they are upgradeable to RTM, right?) – how about I sweeten the deal for you, while they are downloading?

Let me simplify it for ya.

  1. Use this link to get started
  2. Sign in with your WindowsLive ID (to pre-populate your data)
  3. Verify your SHIPPING details to your mailing address and other pertinent data. (you will want to ensure it is correct)
  4. click FINISH – the download manager will start to download your evals in one click.

Why was step #3 so important?  

We’ll ship you a gift card from a famous Canadian coffee retailer (rhymes with Jim Morton’s) for about 5 double-doubles for your troubles and enjoyment as you work through the evaluations and how they’ll make you a Management guru in your work environment.  Heck – you can even check out some of the free online training at while you are waiting for them to complete their DL.

What are you waiting for? Don’t Delay – we’ve only set aside a certain number of cards.   Once they are gone – they are gone! That link again is

oh – and before anyone asks – this offer is valid and available to ALL CANADIAN Citizens in Canada, INCLUDING Québec!