In case you Missed it - Exchange 2007 Beta 2 now on BetaCentral

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Guess I should check the blog before posting with my standalone blog editing software, eh? Damir beat me to the punch by a couple of hours. Oh well. You got the info twice on this one.
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I was just chatting with Bryan Rusche (Product Manager for Exchange in Canada) about Exchange 2007 and what we’re doing with it for the upcoming touring season. He mentioned that Beta 2 hit the streets not too long ago and it should be up on Beta Central for you to sign up and download.  I went and visited the site ( and sure enough – it’s there.

Don’t forget – Exchange 2007 when it comes out will be a 64 bit only system that will only run on 64 bit server operating systems like Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 or Windows Server 2003 x64.  We are making a 32 bit version available for beta purposes and lab testing – but it’s not for production use. Ahhh… I love Virtual Server 2005 R2. It makes my Beta testing life so much easier then dedicating hardware and rebuilding all the time.

Go on over, start your download and check it out. We also have a number of links to resources once you have it in your hands.