Infrastructure Optimization Tour '06 Landing page is live!

In case you didn't catch my hints in this July blogpost, the first TechNet national tour is around Infrastructure Optimization and supporting Branch Office solutions.

The landing page went live yesterday - you can see it here if you like.

I am rather excited - as the first tour is always fun to get underway. I've had some good experiences working on Branch Office design challenges in my past life as a consultant and I took some great feedback from the comments and emails I got from YOU in the blogsphere. Yup - I once again stress - we do listen to your feedback and I take every opportunity to ask you to contribute. :)

This is a 9 city tour running from September 26th through till October 17th.

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Are we not stopping in your city this time around? Not to worry - we're going to be doing a Live Stream for the Toronto Event.  We've heard enough positive feedback and ways to improve the experience from last years streamed events that we're going to include it this time around as well.

I'll let you have a browse through the session descriptions - have any comments or questions leading up to the event? Drop me a comment on this blog post and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.