Nice chuckle around IT in the house and Bedroom... How connected is your family?

I was reading my RSS feeds this AM and Eileen Brown's post on laptops in bed gave me a laugh. I must admit, as a Mobile employee, I can fall victim to working in PJs on occasion and with wireless connectivity - work just about anywhere in the house. My wife also is a mobile employee in another tech company so she's connected as well. 

After we get the Twins and my son to bed, eat and "straighten" up the house for the next day, we retreat to various parts of the house and fire up the laptops, sometimes in the living room or bedroom with the TV on playing recorded shows from my Vista Ultimate Media Centre machine. 

Are we too connected or just too comfortable with technology to take it for granted? Hard to say. We feel we have a great balance so far and don't hesitate to pull back if we're getting too immersed with work.

What are my kids going to be like? Grace and Ella (2 1/2 years old) are already quite capable of going to the kids workstation to login (ok, no password, but it's a User level account on a Vista box) and launch their toddler games.  My son Mackenzie (4 1/2) likes to explore the computer and go to his favorite websites - he also uses a user account with parental control in Vista.

We're one connected family. When I am on the road with TechNet Tours or if Kelli is off at a client site out of town, we can have WebCam conversations with Windows Live Messenger and even draw and share pictures with the kids on our Tablet PCs...

What do you think? How's your level of technology in the home? Do you feel comfortable with the balance you've established? We're good with ours, how about you?