Server Manager: Manage multiple servers just got easier.

One of the things I love about Windows Server 2012 is the ability to manage multiple servers from the same Server Manager console.  In this video I will perform the following steps:

  • Add a second server to be managed to the Server Manager console
  • Add roles and features to the remote server
  • Configure the remote server as a domain controller.
  • Export the PowerShell script to create a domain controller.

In previous versions of Windows Server I was able to manage servers remotely with MMC consoles, but if I wanted to add or remove roles and features then I had to either do it locally, or use PowerShell or System Center to do it.  With Server Manager in Windows Server 2012 I can do all of this and more, both locally and remotely, on both physical and virtual hosts.  My life as a systems administrator just got easier, which is always my goal!