TechNet Plus subscriber downloads now online!

This has been a long time coming.  Here I am in Prince Edward Island on vacation with my family and I check out my online RSS feeds to discover that the TechNet portal has been updated.  Last Friday, TechNet Plus subscribers have been granted access to a new Download engine similar to the MSDN secure downloads!!! 

Looks like a colleague of mine in the UK has posted about it already...As you might have remembered on my previous blog - I talked about the TechNet subscribers being short changed for lack of a DL area and that I was taking all your feedback and comments (there were A LOT of them) back up the foodchain.  Based on what I heard back and what is now in place - we've listened and it's up there and online!  You hear me talk about the feedback process and how important it is that you tell us what you think at events and on the blog.  This is just another example of the power that feedback has!

I need to dig up my TechNet subscription info (of course it's back in my home office) to get it associated with my LiveID so I can check it out myself.  Because that won't be for a while (I'm on a 2 week vacation) - why don't you check it out (if you have a TechNet Plus Subscription) and post back some comments or email me? I'll share them here (along with your comments) for everyone to see.