TNX: TechNet Exchange content development process

I thought I would let you in on a little insider information about the upcoming tour.  As the Primary content lead, I am responsible for collecting and creating the slide decks and overseeing the creation of the demos in order to create the overall "feel" of the day. My colleague Damir Bersinic is taking the lead on the technical aspect of demos to make sure they work and hit all the right points. We presented the current version and flow to our "public" team of advisors a couple of days ago. These guys are MVP and individuals who have volunteered to help make our tour content more relevant to IT Pros Across Canada.

The word is - we're on target!  

We've tweaked the decks to be less marketing and more technical. We've planned the demos to make them more relevant and impactful. We're going hard to be picture perfect for Monday the 24th in Vancouver at the VanTUG User Group Meeting.

Today is our "dry run" in Mississauga… I am in Ottawa right now.  Why? This is Canada with Freezing Rain! AirCanada canceled my morning flight to Toronto and rescheduled me to later in the day. As I type, I am taking a break from packing and getting ready to head out.  Better Late then Dead I guess, eh?  Despite the shorter time for the Dry Run, we'll get through it. Don't worry about one of us missing a date on the tour. It's standard policy to arrive a day early at each city in order to ensure the presenters and our equipment arrive safely and reay to go. There are a lot of moving parts to putting on a tour, it's quite an orchestrated event.  I am glad I am only looking after the Technical content!  These sort of weather delays bring out the stress in our event organizers!

I have to go finish packing - scrape the inch of ice off my Van and head out. I look forward to hearing from you on the tour! Stay posted here for more information about the tour and a blow by blow from each event and city.