What was I thinking???

Hello folks,

Today my daughters helped me realize something.  they convinced me to stop watching videos and reading “howto” articles and actually strap on the snowboard and go to the hills with them. You see…  I’ve been contemplating learning to Snowboard. I went out I bought a board, boots, a helmet, the whole kit and kaboodle. (I don’t know where this expression comes from but this is something my dad used to say all the time…) Then to prepare, I read articles, I watched videos.  I thought I was learning.  WRONG!!!! I was definitely fooling myself.

I thought I would look like this picture after my research.


I was so far from learning to snowboard. in fact it looked like I was learning to snowplow down the hill, with my face.  I looked a lot more like this…


I then realized that this translate very well to my professional life.  I’ve never been a book learner.  I need to do it.  As my wife the grade 6 teacher tells me I’m a tactile learner.  I need to put my hands on the stuff I’m trying to learn to get it.  That’s why when trying to rap my head around new products like the new System Center 2012 Suite that just got it’s RC release I need to download it put it up in my lab and start playing with it.  As I run in to situations, I then go to blogs and TechNet to figure out the details.  there is nothing like getting your hands on the goods.

that why I always go to the Microsoft Evaluation Center and download the evaluation copies that I need.

Evaluation Steps

Select a product.Select a product from

Select a product.Review system requirements

Select a product.Register for evaluation

Select a product.Download and install software

Select a product.Receive emails to access expert resources

Select a product.Use blogs & forums to share tips

I’m telling you I spent more time reading and watching about Snowboarding then  I did actually going down the mountain.  but I can tell you that the last run of the day was the best.  I stayed mostly upright, did not break anything and learned a little.  but a lot more than just reading about it.  I love the last run of the day, because it leads to the chalet.  but whether its learning to snowboard or learning to take advantage of the System Center 2012 suite somehow I always end up here!


Now, get going!  go the the evaluation center, and download something.  Never stop learning.  Whether it learning new IT skills, or learning not to break your neck. They both can bring you satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment that only that kind of personal growth can bring you.


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