Microsoft Big Data Hackathon Resources

Data sets

ThinkData Works Data sets:

The site consolidates data from, Statistics Canada, Provincial Data sources, GoodLife Fitness, SpotCrime and others. Here are the links to a few datasets of interest:

Category Details

· Ward profiles:

· Well being Toronto:

· Labour force survey estimates (lfs), by sex and age group


· Road restrictions:

· Traffic and pedestrian volume:

· TTC stop times:

· TTC Trips:

· TTC Stops:

Social and community housing:

· Drop in locations:

· Homeless shelters:


· Active building permits:

Cultural / POI

· Cultural spaces:

· Schools:

· Child care centres: 

· Early years centres:

· Parks:

· Places of interest:

· Businesses:


· Canadian Disaster Database:

City of Toronto Open Data Catalog:

Canadian Government Open Data Portal: 

Big collection of Data sources:

Finance, Economics and Society data:

You also can use Power Query to retrieve data from Facebook: please read article about it here


US/Canada Border Wait Times are available here

The data set is not large (around 1M records) and In itself is not very interesting – as analysis is pretty much limited to location and time - but if mangled with other widely available data sets, could be a basis for relatively interesting exploratory and predictive analysis.

You could integrate and correlate it with:

· Weather data from nearby weather stations:

· Canadian dollar exchange rates:

· Fuel prices: and

· Terror alert levels

· …

Using these data sets you could perform both historical analysis (including geo-spatial visualizations) and attempt to build a predictive model.

Trial versions and subscriptions

· Office Professional Plus 2013 or Office 365 (we recommend to use Office 365 Pro Plus version)

· Excel Add-ons: Power Map, Power Query

· Azure ML Trial

Online trainings

· Getting Started with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

· Faster Insights to Data with Power BI Jump Start

· Implementing Big Data Analysis

· Big Data Analytics

Other resources

· Custom Maps in Power MAP (Custom Maps work in Office 365 Pro Plus only)

· Canadian County and Postal Code Shading in Power Map for Excel