Microsoft Data Platform Overview

Update 2015-11-11: Updated the graphics to include Azure Data Catalog.

The variety of offerings in Microsoft's end-to-end analytics platform sometimes feels overwhelming, especially with the rapid evolution. For example, at the Build conference we announced the upcoming availability of Azure SQL DW and Azure Data Lake, while at the Ignite conference we presented the new functionality of SQL Server 2016.

To clarify our platform, here's three images that positions the different services. First here's a general overview of analytics platform capabilities. On the right hand and bottom side of the image you find traditional BI: OTLP sources, ETL, data warehouse and OLAP cubes. In the middle we add Big Data technologies and predictive analytics capabilities. Finally on the left side there's the technologies for real-time operational analytics in the world of the Internet of Things.

Next, here's how these capabilities map to the on-premises offerings:

Finally, here's how it maps to our Azure cloud services:

I hope these graphics help you position the different elements of the end-to-end Microsoft analytics platform!