Peaboy asked what I think about the Flyers draft options. Just as an FYI to everyone:

- I grew up in Philadelphia (after living in Ohio for a while) where I became a hockey fan that was reinforced by going to school in Pittsburgh and watching Lemieux play for the Pens (when he was good)

- Peaboy also works for Microsoft as a release manager (small world) and we form 2/3 of the Seattle Flyers Fan Club. :-)

- I have my own Flyers jersey that I wear reguarly during hockey season

- I think hockey in general is a great sport to watch, but the NHL is going down in flames and there's little that can be done to save it.

That all said, I don't pay much attention to the NHL draft, and in fact I'll pay little attention to hockey in general until the playoffs. I think Dan Patrick said it best: “Is it just me, or is the NHL regular season a series of unbeaten and winless streaks that don't matter much anyway since the playoffs are a whole new season unto themselves?”

That's it, see you all come hockey season again...