50 Interactive Web Applications in Silverlight

There are many ways to embrace Silverlight’s rich interactive features on the web such as in online advertising, interactive e-learning, data visualization, gaming, etc. Recently, blog “Noupe” listed 50 Interactive Silverlight Applications to showcase the interactive experience can be accomplished by Silverlight. Here are some of my favorite ones.

Online Classroom
This application is a tutor.com sample online classroom having a better, faster and interactive way to communicate with online tutors.

Online classroom in 50 Interactive Silverlight Applications

WorldNews is a free service webpage that can tell you what is happening in the world real-time using Silverlight.

Worldnews in 50 Interactive Silverlight Applications

Inkable Search Tip
Write your search query in the Silverlight panel and then have your handwriting recognized and the query sent off to a search engine. If you have a stylus, this may be the most natural way to search the web.

Searchtip in 50 Interactive Silverlight Applications

And just in time for the holidays…

This site is placed for you to create customized video ecard. You can search images on Flickr, and compose them in many ways you want.

Ecardoo in 50 Interactive Silverlight Applications

Check out the full list here

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