Abdual shows his passion for the UX

I go this sent to me last night as he had some challenges posting it.

Have a read,


Hi Audrey,

You are right! From what you have seen I would have had the same reaction. That is exactly why I really like the open approach Microsoft Canada is following to select the suitable candidate. In fact, it is a key ingredient for times as complex as we live in and such openness can lead to outweigh the power of the few.
It is a journey as rightly stated here, a journey I am willing to make.
With the mind of a beginner and the heart of a humanist... I have and actively continue to assimilate the essentials that help me understand the whole mindedness needed to begin such an undertaking as the role of the UX Advisor requires. But, it is what I think is required! and to some extent believe... an intuition...  I do admit that at this very moment I am not clear what the role truly requires. I am finding it hard to make out the whole picture and UX advisor's role in it as demonstrated in the first effort.
Yet this blog and feedback of members like you will truly help. I read your post here and John's here and the links you have suggested... they will be the beginning to develop a clear picture for this role along with the links John kindly provided earlier. As for the primer on innovation and creative thinking you suggested: Tom Kelly's great work. Although I was introduced to IDEO long time ago when I started using a mouse... my only reason to study at Vancouver Film School (VFS) Digital design program was that I really got inspired by their "design thinking" and IDEO happens to inspire the digital design curriculum at VFS and let me assure you from day one at VFS we really see/feel/touch the influence they have... from team bombardment to deep dive... we have had our share of the secret formula.
I truly believe that the way forward for business's today is in innovation or design thinking that take advantage of universal principles as simple as play. Or should I say it is an accepted truth... with Business Week launching Innovation section, d.school and all the beta apps out there... it is only a matter of time before businesses embrace innovation. Which brings us to this role... and my humble questions to John and all of you... to help me and other candidates understand this position...
Since we all agree with IDEO's command on the subject, allow me to use their language... The "secret formula" of nurturing innovation is a blend of methodologies, work practices, culture, and infrastructure. So my first question (a combo, more so) is towards John and the crew... The mission of the UX advisor as stated in the job description here... is to "engage with the broad community of designers and influential's learning the industry challenges and driving excitement around design related technologies for both the standards-web and windows platform". So the UX advisor when learns such industry challenges through depth engagements... brings in those insights to whom? in terms of the larger structure? what contributions does this role have on the broader development cycle for Microsoft's products... and especially Expressions suite? How does the CAN UX team work with other teams across Microsoft? How is the culture and infrastructure for innovation regarding this role?... since they are the key ingredients upon which the success of this role depends...
I would really appreciate all your thoughts about this role... as the more I understand it... the more I can be true to it.
It's a blast... been given this opportunity to get involved early in the process... and I will do my best to be in it all the way...

Kindest Regards,

Abdul Rehman

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