Create a Resource Viewer Using Expression Blend

In an earlier post, I aggregated a list of WPF and Expression resource. The list is in plain test with hyperlinks. What I would like is to have a visual way to represent the links and resource categories. More importantly, I want to view links in relation to other links instead of opening an isolated page/tab every time I click on a hyperlink. I also like it to be easy to update and maintain. So, why not test what I've learnt so far and create an Expression Resource Viewer in Expression Blend?

The viewer is created entirely in Blend with no backend coding at all. You can see how I made the viewer in this 30-minute tutorial. The tutorial covers following topics:

  • Placing components in a Grid Layout
  • Creating a video logo
  • Data binding in tabs, listbox, Frame, textblock
  • Editing item template for a listbox
  • Applying interactivity on list items