Do you know about these programs?

The past two days, our team came together and did the EnergizeIT dryrun. After a month of hard work, it was very exciting to see all the presentations and demos came to live. As I was preparing for the Student Connection presentation, I collected a list of programs that you as students can benefit from to start preparing your skills, connecting with the technical community, and share your passions online. Here are some examples you may not know. The bottom two are for everyone.  My colleague John Bristowe has a comprehensive Microsoft academic program list here.

Do you want to start a tech club? We have a service called “Student Tech club” that can help you set up your club website. There are out of box features like blog, calendar, and forum you can use to start up a club in no time.


Do you want to join an open source project to prove your skills? CodePlex is our open source projects hosting web site, where you can start a new project, join an existing project, and try out the software created by community. For example there are tons of .NET development projects that you can join to prove your skills as a developer.


Why not start a blog to share your passion for design, development, or a particular technology? Windows Live writer is easy to link to your Live Space or other blog hosts. You can create rich blog posts by linking photo albums, videos, maps,…and it’s what we use for writing all the blog posts.


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