EnergizeIT07 - Designer Track

It was my first EnergizeIT experience yesterday. What a fun day it was! I like how the event unite all sorts of people who have passion in IT under one roof in one day. It does't matter if you are a IT professional, developer, designer, or a student, it's a big community event where you can have fun by learning and sharing.

Keynote   David Crow and Mark Relph

Paul and I had a great time presenting at the Designer Track in the afternoon. Thanks so much for all the people coming to our track. Here are some resource links that you may find useful:

  • EnergizeIT Content SharePoint site: you can download presentation decks from Designer Track here. At the same place, you can provide session feedback as well. This year is the first year we include Designer Track at EnergizeIT, so we would really like to hear your feedback on the sessions and the ways we can make them better.
  • At the track, there are some resource cards(e.g. Silverlight, WPF examples, and useful links) lying on the table. You can download a digital copy of the cards here.

 Thanks, Qixing