Free Training on Expression Blend and Expression Design on

Expression Studio is a very valuable asset in the toolkits of designers and developers for building Rich Interactive Applications.  Along with the richness and flexibility they provide in creating compelling visual solutions, they are, like all tools of this calibre, complex by nature.

To alleviate some of the learning curve issues you may be facing in familiarizing yourself with Expression Blend and Expression Design, has provided some free video training on these tools.  Below are the links to follow for the training:

Expression Blend

Please note that Silverlight is not covered in these Blend courses because Silverlight support will be in a future version of the product (Blend 2 May Preview, which you can download and try here).

Expression Design

In addition to the training, there is 4 hours of free training from Total Training are also available at covering each of the four Expression tools (Expression Web, Blend, Design and Media). 


Here is a complete list of WPF, Silverlight, and Expression resources.

 Happy Learning!