Guest Post: MIX09 Welcome Swag (includes Sketching UX book!)

From now through the end of the MIX09 conference in Las Vegas, Rob Burke will be providing his insights from the conference on a daily basis.


Robert Burke is a Toronto-based IT Consultant who’s attending his fourth MIX event this year. By day he’s knee-deep in Microsoft User Experience technologies, including Silverlight and the Windows Presentation Foundation, but his background includes stuff like artificial intelligence, interactive installations, graphics and biometrics. He attended the first two MIXes as a member of Microsoft’s Developer and Platform Group, and the second two as Principal Consultant of Carrington Technologies. His website is at and his shiny new Twitter account is @rob_burke.



MIX09 Swag Bag MIX09 Swag Bag

This year’s Swag Bag Contents:

  • 1 Sketching User Experiences book (highly cool - I already gave my previous copy to a friend)
  • 1 MIX09 Notebook (also cool -this image does not do justice to the pages of the notebook, which alternate graph and plain. Session eval forms attached to back.)
  • 1 MIX09 T-Shirt with “<3 Your Web” slogan
  • 1 “Live at Kexp” Music CD (KEXP is a non-profit Seattle-based Radio Station)

MIX09 Mystery Sticker MIX09 Mystery Sticker

  • 1 Sticker Thingamayoke which I have yet to grok (at first I thought it was maybe something that Lego Mindstorms sensors could do image recognition with or something, now it looks to me like an abstract representation of web content)
  • 1 Clip-On Flashlight
  • 1 Pen
  • 1 Water Bottle - handy for us winter-pasty Canoodians, as it is 22 degrees Celsius here and sunny!
  • 1 Coffee Mug
  • Misc Advertisements (not pictured)

For reference, here’s what was in the MIX07 Swag.

MIX07 Welcome Swag MIX07 Welcome Swag

I’m most grateful for another copy of Buxton’s insightful book!

I wonder if we’ll have any software to play with tomorrow, or if we’ll be downloading lab content ourselves.  I always come armed with extra storage to events like these in case I need to truck home some VPCs.