Happy New (Niu, OX) Year!

image little OX candy on B'day cake 2 by you.

Happy the year of OX, everyone! May the new year bring you and your family joy, good health and wealth! The pronunciation of OX in Chinese is very close to the English word “New,” so it’s very popular to say “Happy Niu Year” to each other here.

This is a special new year celebration for me personally because my birthday is on the same day as the Chinese New Year, and more importantly, I get to celebrate in China with my family and friends. Since I first went to North America 10 years ago, it had never worked out timing wise to come back home during Chinese New Year. Finally, I made it this year and it felt great. Here are some yummy birthday cakes to share with everyone. Well, hope it’s at least eye-delicious… :)

B'day cake 1 by you.B'day cake 2 by you.

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