IE8 and Stories From Home

There are lots of exciting announcements coming out of MIX in Vegas this week. Today we shipped Internet Explorer 8. However,  there’s also plenty to celebrate back home around Silverlight and IE8. Check them out!

Watching your favorite TV shows online in HD with Silverlight 

clip_image002 CTV Globemedia

CTV Globemedia (Canada’s largest online media company) announced the immediate availability of The CTV HD Player (Beta).  The HD Player is a beta experience that delivers 3 of CTV’s top viewed shows (all episodes).  The experience is delivered through Microsoft Silverlight on the front end, supported with Akamai’s AdaptiveEdge for Microsoft Silverlight and delivered through Windows Server Media Services.   Users are able to experience full HD to their desktop and will experience the ability of jumping to any part of the HD video without buffering. They’ll also benefit from adaptive streaming technology which adjusts the quality of the video based on the bandwidth availability.


Making you everyday browsing experience easier and faster with IE8

clip_image004 (One of Canada’s Top Traffic Sites)

Workopolis has launched their IE8 WebSlice. This is something very useful when you are job searching. Perform a job search and hover your cursor over the results and click on the green clip_image001 icon. Once you saved the WebSlice, you just need to check back for new postings that match your requirements. No more filling out the search form again and again!



clip_image002[6]The Weather Network  (One of Canada’s Top Traffic Sites)

The Weather Network has also launched their IE8 WebSlice. No need to say keeping up with the weather is important. Go to your favorite city and hover over the weather results and click on the green clip_image001[4] icon to add the WebSlice.  (One of Canada’s Top Traffic Sites)

imageKeep up with the news you care about in You can add WebSlices such as Photos, Headlines, Sports news, etc. The figure on the right shows their available list of WebSlides.

One thing I do worry about is the manageability of these slices. You don’t want to get WebSlices overflow. Perhaps there should be a better visualization for looking at all the WebSlices you have – something like the “Quick Tabs” overview in IE8 (bottom left figure).


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