Mark and Steve Ballmer

Our Co-op, Mark Zielinski, has asked me to share this cute story with you. :)

imageHello again, everyone.

Over a year ago, during my first internship at Microsoft Canada, I made a post about Flight Simulator X. You may also recall a photograph which was enclosed with that post.

You see, dear readers, this intern is a very passionate proponent of Microsoft, and its board of directors. Bill Gates, not only through the founding of the company, but through his work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has achieved a status of worldwide rapport. Of course, with Bill Gates’ enormous philanthropic efforts, one can easily overlook the work done by other key members of Microsoft’s executive team, and with Bill’s imminent departure, eyes turn to those who will be leading the company into the always-uncertain future.

Steve Ballmer has been a personal hero of mine for both his early and ongoing work at Microsoft, his vision for the future, and for being an inspiring orator. It was because of this that I felt the need to decorate my workspace with a framed photograph of the CEO in 2006 (thanks to a gift from Robert Sacco, now himself an intern here). Take a look:

Only recently, thanks to the suggestion of co-worker Daniel Shapiro, did I send this photo through inter-office mail to the man himself to sign, and to my surprise, it was back on my desk with Steve’s John Hancock in no more than a week’s time.

I have a feeling that this inspirational and now-signed visage will adorn the workspace of 3B18 for some time to come.

Thank you Mr. Ballmer!!

Now, to do the same with Mr. Gates while he is still at the company...