Merry Christmas, Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

It’s a pleasure connecting and supporting each and every one of you through the year, both personally and from a team perspective … I am lucky to have a role and great team that is focused on supporting and helping you make a positive difference in Canada.  I also feel so lucky to have this relationship with you. You’ve given us great feedback to help better support you , adjust our programs and hopefully we are earning your trust and building a foundation of satisfaction!

Canada has so many great developers and technical professionals that really make the difference in their community, business and individually.  Over the year, I’ve had the pleasure to hear so many stories of heroic, life and business changing activities/solutions that you have impacted and delivered.  Hearing your stories makes us even more compelled to support you.  Your impact and feedback give me and my team  the energy to try and do more.  You are such a great group of people to support and I look forward to 2009Family-Pic-1

Merry Christmas to you and your families from me and mine … wherever you travel, whatever specifics you “celebrate” … may you find some time to BE with loved ones … and relax a little.  Happy 2009!

As always in the new year… please feel free to contact me directly as my email door is always open .....


Director Microsoft Canada