[Mini-Tutorial] Publishing Video Experience to Silverlight Streaming

I had an early tutorial on how to embed podcasts and screencasts in blog posts using Silverlight Streaming service. At that time, there was no publishing features in Expression Encoder to allow direct publishing of your video/audio experience once you encode them. Since then, our Encoder team has added a Silverlight Streaming Publishing Plug-In to make the encode-to-publish workflow really easy. Check out my updated tutorial below. Double click on the video player to view it in full screen. Make sure you have the following installed on your computer before starting the tutorial:



  • Install Live Writer: Configure to Publish to Live Spaces or your own blog)
  • Install Live Writer Plug-in: Insert a Silverlight Streaming Application (This plug-in was written by James Clarke on the Expression Encoder team. Trust him!)

You can also follow the link below to download a step-by-step instruction document on how to do this.

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