Notes from the field - interesting points from MIX07 breakouts

It's been an eventful day-and-a-half of breakout sessions at MIX with a lot of great info.  I encourage you to visit the MIX site to see if you can catch a few of the sessions - they will be worth your while!  Two sessions this morning, "Building Silverlight Applications in .NET (Parts 1 & 2)" were amazing.

Some of the things I've learned that may interest you:

  • Expression Web
    • In v2.0, they are planning to have support for PHP.  This is big news - it will really help PHP designers and developers by providing a very strong tool for web development
  • Some of the Silverlight Controls that are planned to be rolled out for v1.1 are
    • Button
    • Textbox
    • Scrollbars
    • Sliders
    • TreeView
    • Accordian
    • DataGrid
    • Stackpanel
    • ViewBox

On to the next session!