Office Labs is Live!


Similar to Live Labs, Office Labs is another home for prototypes and proofs-of-concept with focus on productivity, which will allow community to test drive our new ideas and provide feedback. From their own words:

"We're a group of designers and developers that collect ideas from all over Microsoft (but mostly from Office and other products related to 'getting stuff done' - what we call 'productivity'). We build working prototypes of the most promising of these ideas to see if they work as well as we hope they might."

There is a list of interesting projects going on at Office Labs:

  • Community Clips: Find "how-to" videos about Microsoft Office products made by users like yourself. Includes a screen recording application to easily create and share your own videos to help others.
  • Search Commands: Search for commands in your own words and get the button to do it, instantly. Works with Microsoft Office 2007 - Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • SharePointPedia: A social computing application based on SharePoint where people discover and share useful information about SharePoint.
  • InkSeine: This is my personal favourite. Use your Tablet PC with an interface uniquely tailored to pen input. The tool fades into the background so that you can focus on capturing your ideas, sketches, and creative thoughts. Integrates search and inking.
  • Task Market: An online marketplace where businesses can connect with and hire skilled freelancers in graphic design, writing and editing, translation, and more.

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