Podcast: First Experience working with Expression from Dustin Sampson

Last week I talked to Dustin Sampson, who is a Technical Lead at Momentum Interactive Solutions. We chatted about his experience working on the SickKids Donor Hall Application using Expression Studio. I asked him about his role in the project, how he collaborated with others in the teams, and the challenges and good surprises of using the tools for the first time. 

imageListen to my interview with Dustin. 


Here is a description of the project:

The SickKids Donor Hall application was developed as a proof of concept for the SickKids Foundation. Currently, SickKids has a Kiosk located in the hospital’s Donor Hall which performs the single function of helping visitors locate their donor’s plaque in the hall.

The goal was to move from a single function application to a rich interactive brand experience. The key is to bring to life the donor process in order to engage visitors to experience the patient stories, the breakthroughs, and the donor’s commitment to supporting SickKids. These three high level requirements set the framework for the application’s creative interface, rich user experience design and architecture.