Questions and Answers


Wow, I just came back from vacation and I’ve had lots of questions and wonderful emails on the role. It’s great to see that so many people are interested and excited about the opportunity. This will be quick as I have way too many emails to catchup on.... Not to complain, I have a great team that really took care of everything while I was away and I just need some time to get reconnected. Ok, back to the most important  To keep your passion fired and get you started on creating your videos I wanted to get this quick note out.  Taking a quick look at my emails on this role, I’ve had many questions that are similar and thought it necessary to share them.

Q1 - Is this only open to University or does it include college programs as well?

This opportunity is only limited to candidates who have recently graduated (within the last year). To qualify, you must not be greater than 12 months past your graduation date and it doesn’t matter if it is a college or university program.

Q2 - What are the timings and when is the cut off date?

I want to make sure that we give everyone an equal chance to best reflect their strength, show why they want this role and get what we feel is the best person. As such, everyone has to have their resumes, videos and creative example submitted for the 15th November. At that time I’m going to start the interview process with the goal of hiring someone to start in Jan or later in the year. I’m open to a flexible start date for the right person.

Q3 – Do I have to submit a video and sample of my creative work?

I can’t nor do I want to force anyone to do something they don’t want to do. I will commit that everyone that submits the video and creative work with get an interview with me. If you just submit your resume via the normal means online it will go through the normal HR filtering for referral to me.

Q4 – When do the interviews start?

I’ll start booking them for mid to end November.

Q5 - Where do I post the links to my video and the example of my work?

You can send the links directly to me ( or post them as comments to the blog.  Once I get the links I'll be putting up a separate post for each applicant.

That’s it for now and when I get my head up from all my emails I’ll be providing some comments as we go. From the initial emails, You have me really excited that we made the right decision and I’m really looking forward to seeing each your videos and creative creations!

Take care and talk to you soon!