Silverlight 1.0 and Expression Media Encoder Launched!

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Along with many others, I'm happy to announce that Silverlight 1.0 and Expression Media Encoder are officially released to web (RTW). Since Silverlight Beta was announced at MIX07 in April, it has been getting so much attention. Just a quick recap of what is Silverlight:

Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering richer user experiences on the Web. Silverlight significantly reduces development and deployment costs and provides enhanced Web audio and video streaming and playback using industry-leading Windows Media® Technologies.

To make delivering Silverlight experiences easier, we are also announcing the RTW of Expression Encoder 1.0. External and internal customers are ready to light up their web with Silverlight. I listed some of them in my previous post. Other external customers include “Entertainment Tonight,” Home Shopping Network, and

World Wrestling Entertainment.

Another part of the exciting news is that we are partnering with Novell to deliver an implementation of Silverlight for Linux called Moonlight. By expanding the cross platform support, now users can experience the benefits of Silverlight regardless of the operating systems.

Excited? I came across this tool recently which will make your life much easier if you want to include a Silverlight application in your blog. For Live Writer users, you  can download the “Insert Silverlight App” plug-in from the LiveWriter Gallery.

More information on Silverlight 1.0 RTW news:


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