Silverlight 2 Release Candidate Now Available

Late last week, Scott Guthrie announced the availability of the Silverlight 2 Release Candidate.  This is pretty exciting news as it represents a significant milestone towards the go-live of Silverlight 2. 

The RC release of Silverlight 2 represents a developer release with the intent of providing a glimpse of what the final Silverlight 2 product will look and behave like prior to its release.  The reason this is being done in this particular case is that so that Silverlight solutions built with the Beta code can be tested with bits that are considered very close to the go-live release to fix anything that will break with the new version.

You can download the RC bits for Silverlight 2 here.

For specific information on the breaking changes the RC bits introduce, you should check here and here.

And before you ask when Silverlight 2 goes live, don’t ask me because I’m not allowed to tell anyone.  :)