Silverlight Training in French

One of our great partners out of Quebec, RunAtServer Consulting, has just created a great, three-day course on Silverlight 2 and they will be conducting it in various cities in Quebec.  The details of the course can be found here and here, but it is a very in-depth course for those of you interested in building really solid and compelling RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) with Silverlight 2.

The dates and locations of when and where they will be conducting the course are below for your reference:

  • September 3-5, 2008 (Montreal)
  • November 5-7, 2008 (Quebec)
  • November 19-21, 2008 (Montreal)
  • January 26-28, 2008 (Montreal)

I've worked with one of the principals of RunAtServer Consulting (Laurent Duveau; his blog is here) and their knowledge of Silverlight is very deep.