TechDays Early Bird Pricing Has Been Extended!!

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Hello Everyone! 

During this time of global economic instability, It’s important that IT Professionals and Developers remain focused on delivering value, enabling business and increasing the impact it has to across your organization.   From speaking with many of you, without a doubt, the current economic situation is a topic that is on everyone’s mind. In uncertain times making sure you have the right skills to make an impact is important.  I see this is a real concern and feel we need to help.  I’m not an economist, I can’t predict the future or the end of the economic uncertainty, but, what I can do is focus on what we can control and extend the early bird price for TechDays 2008 to Oct 29th!   image

Act now to take advantage of this opportunity as TechDays not only provides you the right skills you need, it also gives you the tools and the support necessary to ensure you can have an impact and support you in your career.

Help Grow your Skills:

    • This is definitely not your “typical” MSDN/TechNet tour.  It is not a marketing event - it's is a professional development event We truly are focusing on helping you to grow your skills across a breath of products and solutions while learning from someone that has the real world experience. 
    • With over 30 technical sessions with a technical depth of 200 or greater the content will be technically deep, and delivered by an array of great speakers. We truly are focused in on helping you and ensuring you have a great experience at the event with content reigning supreme.

Provide you with the Tools you need:

    • You get a lot of great free stuff.  A 6 month subscription to TechNet Plus (which includes 2 free support incidents), Microsoft® Visual Studio 2008 Professional - Full Version, Microsoft® Expression Web 2 - Full Version, the TechEd 2008 DVD Set, a 30% off Certification voucher - applicable to all Microsoft Commercial Certification Exams, Microsoft® Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Suite - Evaluation Software, Microsoft® Expression Studio 2 - Evaluation Software, Office Communications Server 2007 - Evaluation Software, and A $100 Discount Coupon for DevTeach/SQL Teach Training

Provide you the support you need:

    • Included in the TechDays Learning Kit - TechNet Plus subscription helps you prepare for critical issues and plan for future deployments by providing fast and convenient access to the latest software for evaluation without time or feature limits, beta releases, 2 complimentary Professional Support incidents and other technical information and tools to get your jobs done faster. Here is what’s included:
      • Full-version evaluation software without time limits
      • Beta software releases
      • Technical Information Library
      • 2 Professional Support Incidents
      • Managed newsgroups
      • Online concierge Chat
      • Technical training resources and Microsoft E-Learning Courses

I look forward to seeing you there!

take care,