Thanks for Coming out to TechDays!

It’s a wrap! We finished our last TechDays stop in Vancouver today. We made so many great connections along the way and learn what we can do to improve the conference experience from city to city. Here are some examples:

Starting TechDays Montreal, we had hosts for each track so that we could better keep each track on time and inform attendees with different activities that were going on at TechDays. In addition, the host of a track made sure speakers were comfortable and ready before each talk and were properly introduced. In my case, I also helped fellow speaker and colleague Joey to complete his accordion performance.

DSC_0042 - Copy










Starting TechDays Calgary, we added a “Tell Your IT Story” booth which allowed us to hear about great projects you and your team are working on and give us feedback about our technology. In Vancouver, we also added “Ask the Expert” booth so that attendees could ask speakers questions and get to know the speakers after their presentations.

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The connection I personally involved a lot is the Women in IT connection. I met more than 100 women at the conference. It was my pleasure to meet each of you and thanks for giving me the opportunity to hear from you. We shared our challenges and opportunities as women working in IT. The challenges may be different and evolving as we enter different career stage, but it’s very important to learn from each other and work together to overcome these challenges. Learning from previous cities, in order to make the WIT network area more inviting and easy to spot in Vancouver, we distributed pink sweatshirts at the area. Here’s a group photo of us in pink. :)

DSCN0220 by you.

Thanks for coming out to TechDays! It has been a really fun journey.

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