UX Design and Research Training at Microsoft


UX community within Microsoft is growing rapidly. Both UX designers and researchers play important roles in product development just as our mission states: “We seek to create products that people will love.” So, what’s the training available for new UX hires that can help them become effective UX professionals working in high-speed product teams along with Program Managers and Software Engineers?

This week, I had the opportunity to attend a 3-day training course in our headquarter, Redmond, to find out more. This course offers quarterly.  Check out the course description below. From the description, you can see the course focus heavily on career skills: communication, collaboration, and career management skills from perspective of a UX hire. In addition, this is a cross-company training, so participants get to network with peers from other product teams. During the training, I also had the chance to interview two designers about their experience working at Microsoft. I’ll post the podcasts once they are finished. Stay tuned!

User Experience Design and Research Course

This course provides a solid foundation for individuals new to user experience (UX) design and research roles at Microsoft. Following the product life cycle, students learn about:

  • Key user experience deliverables
  • How to work on teams effectively (including establishing your role, communicating effectively, and achieving and measuring impact)
  • Career management basics
  • How to participate in and learn from the cross-company UX community

Students also have the opportunity to interact with guest speakers from the UX community and other disciplines.

Our class photo:

Engineering Excellence for User Experience Designers and Researchers - 2009-05 01

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