Where do you get your inspiration?

Lately I ran into different blogs and articles that talk about inspiration. So, where do you get your inspiration? Here are some tools and resource for inspiration.

Inspired by Mood


Moodstream: Getty’s Streaming Inspiration

“The site cycles through photos, videos and music using their huge cache of media as source material. Getty has created a tool for creative professionals (or everyone else) to find fresh inspiration. The control panel has sliders to adjust the mood and tone of the media; happy to sad, warm to cool. You’re also able to save favorites, and (of course) purchase the media.”

Listen to Experts

"I’ve often believed that the best designers don’t get their ideas and inspiration from the place they work. As a designer that works in the social web space, I do look at a large number of new sites that come through the pipeline for inspiration. However, I also am a big advocate of experimenting with things that are seemingly unrelated and trying to connect those experiences to my work on the web." - Kev/null

A Twitter account called Inspiring, where Stephen, Coley, Patrick Haney (who runs a web inspiration Flickr set) and kev/null  post inspiring, innovative or beautiful artifacts.

Kev/null's review of Stephen's presentation on inspiration.

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My Suggestions

I consider myself in Software User Experience Design, but I often find myself inspired by other design disciplines such as Industrial Design and Fashion Design. I read the Modern and  Contemporary Design Blog and love to flip through Vogue magazine.

Other good inspiration sources:

Finally, be inspired by nature. Go to your favourite outdoor places that give you a peaceful mind and great inspiration.

I'd love to hear how you get your inspiration, so drop me a line!


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