Windows Live Partner Quickstart Portal - Get Up and Running with Windows Live

Windows Live Services are web-based services available to you for integration into your solutions today.  Each facet of the Windows Live product line has simple terms of use (and unless you have usage volumes that are very, very high, it's all free), SDKs and APIs to integrate the services into your applications and they allow you to build world-class web-enabled applications using the technologies available today including technologies such as SOAP and JavaScript as well as tools such as Visual Studio 2005 and Expression Web.

To help you understand these offerings and identify areas where you can leverage Windows Live Services in your solutions, Microsoft has just relaunched the Windows Live Quickstart Portal.  This is a portal for Microsoft Partners that provides a number of great resources to help you get Windows Live Services integrated into your solution today.  If you're not registered as Microsoft Partner, you can do so free by clicking here.

So, what exactly is available on the Windows Live Quickstart Portal?  Well, lots of things to get you started with Windows Live Services. 

The resources available on the site are divided into two areas - Windows Live Commercial Offerings and Windows live Platform.  Under each of these we have included four phases - Learn, Build, Market and Sell as these best describe how the content is orientated to different outcomes. Below are the types of resources that can be found under each phase:

  • Learn – Overview of offer, “how to” documents, business and partner opportunies, training, webcasts/videos
  • Build – Technical decks, whitepapers, webcasts/videos, demos, training, SDKs, wikis, technical support
  • Market – Existing marketing programs, collateral, presentations, webcasts/videos
  • Sell – Pitch decks, customer/partner stories, datasheets, FAQs, product roadmap, sales support for partners

The site is still quite new, so some sections may not have the content posted yet, but there is a lot of content on there already to get you started.

There is also more Windows Live information for Partners at this partner site.