Dynamic Demos - V2

We have been really busy this past year working with our partners and the SMB product teams seeking ways to rethink prospect engagement & demo needs.  And helping our partners deliver a first class prospect experience.

We have been building content, demos, videos and helping partners increase velocity in their sales process. Partners are getting lots great results with our new content and tools.

And of course, we have continued to enhance the dynamic demo engine. We have added some nice to features and some key integration points for link tracking and Microsoft CRM integration in V2.

 Here is a short list of some of the new functionality that we have added.



We have a few versions of the dynamic demo engine for you leverage ranging from simple to comprehensive. 

  1. Simple deployment is using Microsoft and your own branded content for your demos.  No local library for 'BuyIn' demos. 
  2. Local DemoMate library for GP, NAV, SL content that matches the web content.  This enables your sales teams to provide instant 'BuyIn' demos to respond directly for the prospects desire for a quick overview demo. 
  3. Integration support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 & 2013.  This requires a simple Excel Addin DLL that enables integration to Microsoft CRM. (6 fields need to be added to the Opportunity record to support this integration). 

This will require some coordination with the technical team that manages your Microsoft CRM implementation and some simple configuration to enable Microsoft Excel (2010 or 2013) to communicate with Microsoft CRM.  Please email me at jodooley@microsoft.com if you are interested in leveraging the Microsoft CRM integration feature.

We will continue to invest in tools and content to help your deliver a first class prospect experience to help your sales close more business. 

Here is a fun Videoscribe ( a new tool that we are using in our demos that makes demos fun.)   Sven & Olga The Demo Dilemma

And here is a demo that talks about the Challenger sales process and how Dynemo can help you navigate the SMB sales process in a compelling new way.

 Links for download.  (Note there is accessible web based content for Dynamics GP2013, Dynamics SL2011 & Dynamics NAV 2013R2 in all versions of Dynemo V2)

DynemoV2 No Library - email only output This is a 800K zip file.

DynemoV2 GP2013 library - email and Buy-In demo This is a 85 MB download. 

(Note the Library BuyIn demo does require the Presenter version of DemoMate to be installed, this is can be obtained for free by download any of the GP2013 demo on the http://www.demoshowcasesuite.com/Search/SearchResult?searchId=5613753a-7ba2-4083-a994-ff80e7a2e254 site)