Announcing the Windows Identity Foundation SDK 4.0 targeting Visual Studio 2010!

It is our pleasure to announce the availability of Windows Identity Foundation SDK 4.0 package, which is tailored for .NET Framework 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. We heard your feedback on the necessity for out of the box WIF templates that work with Visual Studio 2010 and samples that work with .NET Framework 4.0. This package addresses these two requests.

You can download the WIF SDK 4.0 setup package from here.

Note that this package is only available in US-English language. Localized versions of this package will be delivered later.

Here are the additional resources that are helpful to you:

  1. WIF Whitepaper For Developers – by Keith Brown & Sesha Mani

2. New release of the Identity Developer Training Kit – by DPE Team

3. WIF Product Documentation on MSDN – by WIF User Assistance Team

4. A guide to claims-based identity – by Patterns & Practices Team

Enjoy coding with WIF!

WIF Team

Announcing the localization support for WIF SDK 3.5!

We are glad to announce the complete localization support for Windows Identity Foundation SDK 3.5 today. Following are the languages we have localized the SDK to:

1. French (fr-FR)

2. German (de-DE)

3. Japanese (ja-JP)

4. Spanish (es-ES)

5. Italian (it-IT)

6. Russian (ru-RU)

7. Chinese-Simplified (zh-CN)

8. Chinese-Traditional (zh-TW)

9. Korean (ko-KO)

You can obtain the localized WIF SDK setup packages from here.

Happy coding with WIF!!!

WIF Team