U-Prove CTP now available

As you might have heard from Kim, Vittorio, Mike, or from the Identity TechNet or End to End trust sites, we recently released the U-Prove Community Technology Preview (see the announcement in Scott Charney’s RSA keynote).


U-Prove is an innovative cryptographic technology that enables the issuance of claims in a manner that provides multi-party security: issuing organizations, users, and relying parties can protect themselves not just against outsider attacks but also against attacks originating from each other. At the same time, the U-Prove technology enables any desired degree of privacy (including authenticated anonymity and pseudonymity) without contravening multi-party security.


Given these user-centric aspects, it comes as no surprise that we have integrated the technology into the identity metasystem, and in particular, using information cards. Users can now obtain information cards protected by U-Prove and present them 1) with higher privacy guarantees, and 2) without online connectivity to the identity provider when interacting with relying parties. The U-Prove technology helps realize the vision set forth by the laws of identity.


To encourage experimentation and gather feedback on the technology, the following software components are made available as part of the U-Prove CTP:

· Windows Identity Foundation Extension (U-Prove CTP) : an extension to WIF that provides the ability to build a custom Security Token Service (STS) for U-Prove token issuance (for identity providers), and the ability to verify U-Prove token presentations (for relying parties).

· Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 (U-Prove CTP) : a U-Prove enabled version of AD FS 2.0 that has the ability to issue an information card that supports U-Prove; and that can act both as a U-Prove identity provider (IP-STS) and a relying party (RP-STS).

· Windows CardSpace 2.0 (U-Prove CTP) : a U-Prove enabled version of Windows CardSpace 2.0 that has the ability to obtain, store, and present U-Prove tokens associated with an information card.

Try it out, and let us know what you think!

The U-Prove team

Get the U-Prove CTP: https://www.microsoft.com/uprove

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