Вакансии по программе МАСН в Казани, Москве и Владивостоке

В рамках нашей программы развития молодых специалистов Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH) открылись три новые позиции в группе по работе с партнерами. Мы ищем активных выпускников, заинтересованных в работе на стыке технологий и развития бизнеса, сразу в трех городах - Казани, Москве и Владивостоке.

В случае интереса к позиции Partner Technology Strategist (описание роли и ожиданий от кандидатов представлено ниже), пожалуйста, направляйте свое резюме на emki@microsoft.com

Прием резюме завершается 15.10.2013.


The Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH) Program is designed for University hires like you. This is a unique opportunity to join Microsoft and become a part of the two year program which focused on ensuring that you receive the professional development early to help you accelerate your impact in role and that you have the tools and knowledge to steer your long term career.

MACH roles can appear in different Microsoft business. Now we are looking for talented and passionate Partner Technology Strategist (PTS) for our Small & Medium Solution and Partners Department (SMSP).

Key responsibilities:

1. Partner Consulting:

  • Work with field managed System Integrators to align technology to their most critical business opportunities and needs;
  • Identify how our competitors are engaged in these business processes and how Microsoft can best be positioned to meet partner needs and grow mind and market share by building key solutions and delivery practices and capabilities;
  • Determine the technology sales capacity and maturity of Partners by using a consistent assessment process. Support Microsoft Partners in the competitive sales engagement process;

 2.   Business Strategy and Solutions:

  • Provide guidance to partners’ practice management;
  • Help develop business and market solutions and strategies for targeted workloads;
  • Support partner sales teams in architect-driven pre-sales initiatives;
  • Align with and support Microsoft product and strategy teams;

3.   Successful Practice Development:

  • Ensure proper business value and partner satisfaction;
  • Provide quality assurance over partner sales opportunity and project delivery processes;
  • Engage and lead interaction between Microsoft resources and benefits and partners for targeted workloads;
  • Apply an established set of criteria to provide a foundation for the Microsoft Partner’s development plan, and establish “gives and gets” with the Partner to enable execution;
  • Help support the Partner business planning process, partner portfolio development, sales pipeline reviews, periodic business reviews, as well as other areas where the PTA’s knowledge of the Partner could be of assistance in impacting the Partner business and relationship, especially in regard to targeted workloads;

4.   Grow and Mentor Others:

  • Proactively share best practices with the PTS community;
  • Develop PTS-type talent within the partners;
  • Create and champion technical community within assigned set of Partners.


  • Has graduated from their full time degree program less than 12 months (graduated in 2012, 2013 or 2014);
  • Passion for Technology, Microsoft technology knowledge;
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills;
  • Competency in Building Customer & Partner Relationships, analytical problem solving skills;
  • Team Player;
  • Fluent in English language.