Crawled properties Information


I wanted to share with you some findings in the crawl properties space. 

At you can check that documentation says:

"Following are the default crawled property categories:

  • HTML
  • Lotus Notes
  • PDF
  • XML
  • Office
  • Exchange
  • People
  • Portal
  • SharePoint "

But If you checked them in an OOB deployment you will see that they are indeed:

  • Basic
  • Business Data 
  • Internal
  • Mail
  • Notes
  • Office
  • People
  • SharePoint
  • Tiff
  • Web
  • XML

You can edit the name of the category under: http://<SSP Server Name>/ssp/admin/_layouts/category.aspx?category=<Category Name>

but it is interesting to find that if you rename it, you will receive an error that the previous named category was not found until you browse the full list.

The common question, Can we create a new category? You can, for the sake of just have a new category use something like:

Schema schema = new Schema(SearchContext.GetContext(new SPSite("")));

schema.AllCategories.Create("Custom Category",new Guid());

Then you can populate Crawl properties with its methods:

If do so, you will have 5 different types to choose:

  • Text (VariantType, 31 [A pointer to a null-terminated Unicode string in the user default locale.])
  • Integer (VariantType, 20) [8-byte signed integer.]
  • Decimal (VariantType, 5) [64-bit IEEE floating point value.]
  • Date and Time (VariantType, 64) [64-bit FILETIME structure as defined by Win32. It is recommended that all times be stored in Universal Coordinate Time (UTC).]
  • Yes/No (VariantType, 11) [Boolean value, a WORD that contains 0 (FALSE) or -1 (TRUE).]

Actually, you can choose any available variant Types ( but the label will show up only the related type.

 Hasta Luego!