How to: Rename my Domain Single MOSS VPC


Here again!.

Last year I have been pretty busy with many MOSS projects, so I will start again with SharePoint Technologies :)

As I usually create VPC, I end up with different customer demo machines. Today I wanted to use one of them, but I thought if it was possible to change domain name/computer name in order to map other customer name.

My environment was a Single Server install (DC+Standalone server:Windows R2 2003 Server) of MOSS 2007 with english+spanish language pack.

The steps I followed were:

  1. Raise the functional level of the DC and forest to Windows 2003:
  2. Download the Windows server 2003 Active Directory Domain Rename Tools
  3. Read the doc ;)
  4. install de rename tools, and use rendom with each step in the help.
    1. /list /upload /prepare /execute
    2. after execute the server rebooted and IIS started crashing.
    3. /end (in order to do the unfreezing) and IIS worked again
  5. Then run gpfixup (as part of the rename tools)
  6. /clean

Finally, I wanted to change the computer name. So I used netdom tool

  • netdom computername /add
  • netdom computername /makeprimary
  • restart
  • netdom computername /remove

As the server had DNS Service, a change in the configure entries was necessary too (including a FQDN that resolves to the server).

  After this changes, I needed to change:

  • Execute stsadm -o renameserver option
  • restart 
  • review services on the server and SSP properties
  • check site collection admin
  • In the User Profile and Properties->View Import Connections Section in SSP, delete the existing and create a new one (default values).
  • MySite default uri
  • Alternate access mapping



If you somehow run /clean before doing the gpfixup, you can use the GPMC to fix the problem.

Delete the link pointing to the old domain and create a new one (Linked Group Policy Objects)

[I tried  the other steps in a VPC, and didn't work, so I tried the dcgpofix tool too and reboot with this in mind]