Least discoverable feature: F7 and Shift+F7 to toggle code view

In this episode, we turn to the project system. The Workflow Designer, unlike Cider (the WPF editor), does not have a side-by-side design/code view. If you want to close the designer and view the XAML for the workflow, you must close and reopen the document. You will have to live with this for Dev10.  It’s kind of a pain to do this via context menu from the Solution Explorer. Fortunately, there is a keyboard shortcut. When in design view, pressing F7 takes you to the code view. When in code view, pressing Shift+F7 takes you to design view. To optimize for efficiency, save your document before switching views and teach yourself by muscle memory to dismiss that nagging dialog box asking if you really want to do that. It’s a two second time saver.