Managing tabular models

Managing tabular models is pretty much like managing multidimensional models. We have a full array of tools available for you to use. Here is a summary.


SSMS has the backup, restore, attach, detach, delete, and synchronize features that you would expect. You can also script out from SSMS, browse your cube, and query your cube using MDX. All of these features work the same for multidimensional and tabular models. The only features that are really different for tabular are partitions and roles. There are also unique features for tabular models, such as DAX queries (issued from MDX query window) and restoring from a PowerPivot workbook.


AMO and ADOMD are supported for tabular models. Although they are UDM shaped, they work just fine. JP Jofre wrote a AMO sample for tabular models, you can download it from CodePlex.


XMLA scripts work just fine.

Deployment Wizard

The deployment wizard works just fine for both tabular and multidimensional models. Try it and see.

AMO for PowerShell

PowerShell cmdlets work for both multidimensional and tabular, except Invoke-ProcessCube is not supported for tabular. See my blog post on PowerShell for examples.

Integration Services

Integration Services tasks work for tabular models, with some limitations. See my blog post on Integration Services for details.

Other management things

If you would like to do things like automate a nightly build, you can do this with msbuild integration, which is new for tabular models. If you would like to connect to a tabular model in BIDS in online mode for quick edits, you are out of luck. That is only supported for multidimensional models.